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An Unofficial Doctor Who Audio Adventure

When sisters Wren and Kate stumble upon an old blue box in the woods, their lives change forever.

I've been writing, producing and starring in this project for a number of years now - it's a little tribute to one of my favourite shows in the universe! It's helped me hone skills I hope to take forward into professional projects, such as writing for radio and producing audio. Follow the links below for more info - and the trip of a lifetime!

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A Sketch Show

by Jack&Jordan

Myself and life-long friend and colleague Jack Stringer have been working on this upcoming sketch show for a long time. Expect impromptu dance routines, backstage arguments, and about as much general silliness as you can fit in your gob.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information...

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from the mud

Monthly Cabaret

Created by Weston's emerging artists, From The Mud is a cabaret night featuring weird and wonderful performances from an ever-changing cast.

Since its inception in March 2021, I've been a From The Mud regular - always aiming to put something original forward each month. Click the social icons below for where you can find the next show!

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Musical Comedy Show

This set of funny tunes is based around the idea of fear. What do we fear? Everything from the death of our loved ones to the spooky downstairs loo.

This show is heading to Loves Cafe in Weston-Super-Mare on the 19th of March. Don't miss it!

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